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What Is an Oral Device

An oral appliance is a device that is custom-made for you. Dental impressions are taken of your mouth, along with a bite,  and used to create your appliance.  An oral appliance is designed to hold the tongue out of the airway, allowing for normal breathing during sleep. The appliance can be adjusted over time to ensure that the airway stays open during sleep.

An oral appliance is an alternative to a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure). Due to the comfort and ease of use, patients tend to be more compliant with oral appliance therapy over traditional treatments.

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Do You Offer Other Treatment Options for Sleep Apnea

At Michigan Sleep Solutions, we aim to do what is right for our patients. There are instances where an oral device is not the right treatment, and we have to seek other options. At times, CPAP is really the best option for some individuals. Other treatments may include surgery, positional therapy, and weight loss. The patient’s overall health is our number one priority.

Where to Go From Here

If you or a loved one has not been getting the help you need or feel some of your symptoms reflect those of sleep apnea, give us a call today.

Our sleep specialists will get you back to sleeping great again. We have the right treatment options for you and will guide you through the entire process.

Michigan Sleep Solutions is dedicated to sleep apnea treatment and wants to help everyone enjoy a more restful sleep. Until recently, the only way a patient could receive sleep apnea treatment was through a CPAP device. While these devices have their place in treating sleep apnea, they are not the best option for many patients. Oral device therapy has become an excellent alternative for those struggling with sleep apnea but do not want to use a CPAP.

What Is Oral Device Therapy?

Oral appliance therapy uses a specially designed device that positions the jaw forward, helping to keep the tongue away from your airway, creating more space in your mouth and throat. By positioning the tongue in this manner, more stability is provided to the soft tissues in the back of your throat, which helps keep the airway from collapsing while you sleep. The device is custom-made to your mouth and adjusted overtime to get the best results. 

Due to the ease of use with an oral appliance, we find patients are more compliant with this treatment on a nightly basis. While a CPAP is effective in treating sleep apnea and is considered the gold standard, many patients do not tolerate it well, making an oral appliance a functional alternative.

Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits of an Oral Appliance

We have found a few key benefits for our patients who elect to pursue oral appliance therapy to treat their sleep apnea.

Less Invasive

An oral appliance is less invasive than a CPAP machine. CPAP machines are loud, making it difficult for you and your partner to have the restful sleep you need to perform at your best.

More Comfort

CPAP machines can be uncomfortable to wear as it requires the patient to wear a mask and may make the wearer feel claustrophobic. On the other hand, oral appliances do not interfere with your sleeping routine and, after a while, are barely noticeable.

Fewer Side Effects

CPAP machines can cause bloating and dry mouth in their users as well. However, using an oral appliance offers no side effects.
We see many patients who are currently using a CPAP machine but are searching for alternatives to CPAP therapy. Many of these patients find it difficult to stay compliant with their CPAP use; some of which cite the reasons above as to why they don’t use their CPAP machine. Therefore, their sleep apnea symptoms are exacerbated, and they do not receive the help they need to alleviate their symptoms.

Does an Oral Appliance Work the Same as A CPAP Machine?

A CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine uses air to forcefully open and maintain the patient’s open airway throughout the night. The soft tissues in the back of the throat can collapse, causing the airway obstruction. By forcing air through the airway at night, the occlusion will not occur, and the patient will sleep better.

An oral appliance works the same way, but instead of using air, the device can keep the airway open on its own. By shifting the jaw and adding stability to the soft tissues, your airway will remain open throughout the night! Because of its ease of use, patients are more likely to use it every night and are more accepting of it. We see far fewer patients go back to using a CPAP after wearing an oral appliance.

You don’t have to live with sleep apnea. Michigan Sleep Solutions has the solution for your sleep apnea! You don’t have to live with not sleeping well or waking up tired and not refreshed. Our sleep specialists will help you attain all of your sleep goals. We are your good sleep advocates and are here with you every step of the way. Give us a call today to learn how we can help you. You will be glad you did!

Your Treatment Plan

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Michigan Sleep Solutions wants to be your destination for all of your sleep apnea needs. Our conveniently located Portland office serves the Lansing and Grand Rapids areas with sleep apnea testing and treatment services.  

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Sleep Apnea Assessments

We aim to make screening and testing for sleep apnea quick and easy. Start by filling out the Sleep Apnea Screener, with these results we can determine if you are a candidate for a convenient at-home sleep test.

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Treatment Planning

Based on your specific test results and needs our team will craft a custom, sleep health plan for you with one of our Oral Appliance or another Sleep Apnea treatment option.

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