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Are you waking up throughout the night? Do you feel like you can’t catch your breath when you wake up? Have you been told you snore? Do you not feel well-rested even though you slept for at least 8 hours? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you have come to the right place!

We are experts in the sleep industry and want to help you get a better nights sleep.  It is estimated that 80% of those who have sleep apnea don’t know they have it and go undiagnosed! 

So What Is the First Step?


The first step is simple, fill out our online Sleep Apnea Screener.

This screener takes about 5 minutes to complete and asks you a series of questions about your current health, sleep patterns, and medications you are currently prescribed. The screener was designed by a panel of cardiologists and sleep specialists and is over 90% accurate at detecting potential sleep disorders. The Sleep Apnea Screener is available to anyone at any time. It is located on our website and can be completed at your convenience.

How will I know that I have sleep apnea?

 While the screener gives us a high-level overview of your symptoms and probablility of having an airway issue, the  only definitive way to know is to take a sleep test. A sleep test will monitor the patterns while you sleep  record the data. After the test, a certified sleep physician will analyze the data and will be able to identidy the presence and severity of your sleep apnea.  By using this two-step approach to analyzing and diagnosing your sleep apnea condition, we can design a more specific and all-inclusive treatment option tailored for your exact needs. 

Your Treatment Plan

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Michigan Sleep Solutions wants to be your destination for all of your sleep apnea needs. Our conveniently located Portland office serves the Lansing and Grand Rapids areas with sleep apnea testing and treatment services.  

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Sleep Apnea Assessments

We aim to make screening and testing for sleep apnea quick and easy. Start by filling out the Sleep Apnea Screener, with these results we can determine if you are a candidate for a convenient at-home sleep test.

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Treatment Planning

Based on your specific test results and needs our team will craft a custom, sleep health plan for you with one of our Oral Appliance or another Sleep Apnea treatment option.

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